#BCM240 Reflection

Blogs have become one of the best-received applications in the Web 2.0 era and have fundamentally changed the way we use the Internet, from mostly information consumers to information creators and contributors (Du & Wagner, 2007).

Time flies in a blink of eyes, it has almost come to the end of my semester. This will be my last academic blog posting for my final semester of degree. I have been blogging for the past three semester, it is not a new experience for me however i did learn a lot each time i blog. I do love academic blogging, it lets me further understand each of every topic i learnt and it helps me to bring together aspects of my academic and non-academic lives.  The primary goal for blogging is encourage students to be continually engaging with the subject material that thought in class by adding in some of their research and expressing their opinions and ideas. Wang, Lin and Liao (2012) mentioned that blogs in online educational settings has the potential to help enhance students’ knowledge sharing and learning effectiveness. As mentioned in the quote above, blogs changed the way we use internet. From getting information from the internet, we create blogs that enable us to share, create and interact in a virtual space as well through writing and commenting on each other’s posts to generate knowledge. It let us further understand each topic not only by doing further research on our blog posting but also reading through our classmates’ posting as well. Furthermore, we could understand peoples’ idea and thought on particular topic too after reading their blog posting. Yu-jung and Yu-chih (2012) claimed that blogging creates the sense of ownership and encouraged students to write freely and promoted self-expression, and construction of knowledge collaboratively. I agreed with the scholars, blogging let us express ourselves freely on discussing thoughts, ideas and opinions.


My leading readership comes from Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. I was quite surprised when I found out i actually attracted so much readers oversea and this motivated me to do it better. This is how powerful internet could be, bringing all audience from different country around the world. We don’t know who they are, but we are connected in the web space.



The attachment above shows that one of my blog post – piracy attracted the most viewers this month. The stats from WordPress is really useful to let us know where our audience from and what topic is more favorable by them. It could let us further improve our blog content and writing style as well.

In a nutshell, blogging helps me discovered issues regarding Media, Audience and Place and how media is consumed and the way media influencing our life. The topic that build my interest the most is the mobile audience. I think the reason is because I’m overattach to my phone as well hence i could provide more opinion and interested to find out more on this topic. It provide me a platform to share my opinions and thoughts with everyone around the world. In addition, blogging is capable of building a broader range of skills relevant to academic research such as information searching, literature reviewing, and writing skills like organizing, paraphrasing, and referencing (Eddy 2010). I would say blogging is useful for academic purpose that enable students to do further research for all the topic we learnt in class. It is about a self-presentation, information exchange and social networking. We present our own opinions, exchange information with others who are doing the same topic and lastly blogging connect us with others around the world.



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Yu-jung, C, Yu-chih, S 2012, Blogging to learn: becoming EFL academic writers through collaborative dialogues, Language, Learning & Technology, accessed 20/10/2013, http://go.galegroup.com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/ps/i.do?action=interpret&id=GALE%7CA281111855&v=2.1&u=uow&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w&authCount=1

Wang, Y, Lin, H, Liao, Y 2012, Investigating the individual difference antecedents of perceived enjoyment in students’ use of blogging, British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 43, no.1, pp.139–152, accessed 20/10/2013, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/doi/10.1111/j.1467-8535.2010.01151.x/pdf


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