#BCM240 – Mobile Audiences

According to ITU (2010) (as cited in Humphreys, Pape & Karnowski 2013), there are over five billion mobile phones users worldwide and this make the most popular and rapidly adopted information communication technology in history. The mobile communication is getting more saturated by mobile internet services, it also merged into wider media context which involve of both hardware (cameras, audio players etc) and software (Facebook, games etc). It is quite amazing when we compare the phone in 1990s and the phone we are currently using right now, the technology could grow so rapidly.

Image URL: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Le87uN76GVw/SrpMQ2-H5HI/AAAAAAAAA7s/IGZlOgJMnaU/s320/gap.jpg

We are living in a media saturated world today. Kids in the old time were playing with some barbie doll but kids today are playing with their ipad or iphone. It is quite sad to see this happen because peoples nowadays are over attached with their devices especially phone. Technology advancement makes everyone’s life turn much easier because we could do a lot of thing by using our phone. For instance like email, social media chatting, gaming, reading news and others. Instead of getting someone’s phone number, we will ask for their Facebook username, wechat id etc these day.

photo (2)_副本

The photos above taken by me as required for this week blogging. In my opinion, youth and kids nowadays are overattach to their phone. According to research, young people often think about their phone when they are not using, it is a phenomenon termed as cognitive salience whereby users constantly check their mobile phones for missed messages or calls (Humphreys et.al 2013). Mobile phones shorten the physical distant between people because everyone gets connected by using those social media. We could video call with someone far away from us, texting with people around the world. Some youth even think that using a technologically advanced mobile phone could higher their status among their peers. Green (2002) (as cited in Humphreys et.al (2013) mentioned that it is basically a space-adjusting technology that allows one to move around easily in different and multiple social spaces. We could carry our mobile phone everywhere and it serve as a private space for us. Some people are more comfortable by texting instead of talking face to face. It serve as a private space because we could make our phone private by setting passcode, without letting someone else see the content of our phone.  Mobile phone is more to a private device compare to a laptop or tablet because the screen is particularly small, people could hardly see the content of it. It has no doubt that mobile phone bring a lot of convenience to our life however it does impose a lot of disadvantage to us as well.


Humphreys, L, Pape, T, Karnowski, V 2013, ‘Evolving mobile media: uses and conceptualizations of the mobile internet’, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, vol.18, no.4, accessed 10/10/2013, http://ey9ff7jb6l.search.serialssolutions.com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/?genre=article&issn=10836101&title=Journal+of+Computer-Mediated+Communication&volume=18&issue=4&date=20130701&atitle=Evolving+Mobile+Media%3a+Uses+and+Conceptualizations+of+the+Mobile+Internet.&spage=491&pages=491-507&sid=EBSCO:Communication+%26+Mass+Media+Complete&aulast=Humphreys%2c+Lee


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