#BCM240 – Moral Panic – Smartphone

The new media shapes our cognition of time and space: reality time, cyber time, real world, and cyberspace. In this digital era, new media stimulates ccelerates the speed of interaction and diversifies interactions (Kweon, Hwang, Jo 2011). New media like smartphones are becoming essential to our everyday lives by serving as tools to fulfill tasks both at work and home. It overcomes the limitation of both physical and geographical barriers. By using a social media application in smartphone, we can easily connect to people around the world. We could call them, text them or video call them as well by simply clicking a few button. The panic over smartphone arise due to the consumption on it increasing day by day.

table 1

Statistic URL: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2573415

Table 1 shows the worldwide smartphone sales to end users reached 225 million units, it increases 46.5 percent from the 2012. Mobile media allows for greater mobility and this is the reason why smartphone users are increasing everyday. When smartphone just launch, most of the users are generation Y however as time go by, we could see many generation X using smartphone today. According to Tsatsou (2009), media and communication technologies play a complex role in shifting conceptions of time and space, without diminishing to insignificance the concepts of time and space or subjective experiences of them. A smartphone overcomes time constraints because user can access it whenever needed, whereas social networking service creates various social media and space, which overcome limitations of space. The new media creates a new public sphere in a way that people realize it as a social activities space. People today enjoy making new friends and chat with their friend through social media.

Some said that smartphone make the people around them become antisocial. Whty? The reason is because people tend to communicate with their smartphone more than people around them. People are panic about smartphone widen the gap between them with their friends and family that lead to social breakdown. In the old times, people used to ring the doorbell or call the person when reach that person home, however the invention of smartphone and internet changes everything. Instead of doing that, they will inform the person by using social media such as whatsapp and wechat. The new function of social media apps audio note makes everyone rely on social media more. Research shows that using technology helps to activate different areas of brain, therefore over time it becomes overexcited, leading eventually to a sense of anxiety in the absence of external stimuli (Yeung 2013). This causes people too regularly taking out their phones. People today addicted to using their smartphone whenever they are having free time or not, they might use it while doing some other stuff as well. For instance college students who are allowed to bring in their phone to the class. Smartphone causes distraction while the class is still going on, they pay attention to their phone instead of their lecturer. Working adult as well might using their phone while meeting. Smartphone causes a lot of negative impact to our daily life, nevertheless people still rely much on it and even can’t live without it.



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Yeung, L 2013, Technology causing communication breakdown, accessed 13/9/2013, http://www.theedgemalaysia.com/technology/231596-technology-causing-communication-breakdown.html


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