#BCM240 – Television

It is very essential for every household to own a television set today. The proliferation of media technologies today results in the trend that a single household owning a multiple sets of same technology (Lee 2010). Watching television used to be one of the family activities, Saxbe et.al (2011) mentioned that most TV was watched in common home spaces such as living room and appeared as a social function that provides a platform for family togetherness. However, due to the rapid growth of technologies and the explosion of internet, people today especially generation Y don’t actually spend their time watching TV with family at home.

According to Adoimagazine (2011), Malaysian spend on average 19.8 hours online each week, in contrast they spend only 10.6 hours watching TV. In addition, more than 40% of Malaysian internet users access TV and movie content via the internet (Kemp 2012). We can easily search for the latest movie and drama in internet hence it influence people today watching it through their laptop or desktop instead of TV. Some people enjoy multitasking today. While watching TV, they might surfing internet as well or doing some other thing. Hence they might not pay attention to the TV content, TV might be just a tool to accompany them while doing their own stuff. Besides, as I mention above most of the household tonight might own more than one TV set, therefore they might be watching TV separately in their own space as well. Watching TV together with others in a same space or sharing a TV set have to respect the other audience, we can’t switch the channel anytime we want. For instance, some people enjoy watching movie through TV or laptop in their own room without other interruption, they can switch channel easily or pause the movie when it is needed. I think there are really less people sitting together watching TV with their family everyday, the togetherness that TV can bring to family have slowly disappear due to the rapid growth of technology.


Image URL: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/97/Family_watching_television_1958.jpg

The attachment above shows the togetherness that we could hardly see in the society today. People enjoy doing their thing in their own space or using their own gadget such as mobile phone, laptop and so on.


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