Why Things Matter

#1. The world is interconnected

We are living in a world that everything around us are connected to each other. Not only peoples, but the appliances, objects, devices as well. A world which the energy flowing one way to another. Information network available everywhere, we can actually access to the internet no matter where we are. For instance, we are connected to people out from Malaysia with all the social media platform today. Facebook, twitter, instagram, email and so on allow us to connect with people all over the world. So do the devices as well. A mobile phone have the function of calling and messaging, connected with the google maps and others. Reaney (2012) mentioned that 85% of people around the globe who are connected online send and receive emails and 62% communicate through social networking sites.

Image URL: http://bit.ly/ZrVyJh

#2. Crumbling of physical borders

People today are less conscious about the borders as well. Things are become so easy with the availability of internet, location and country are no longer a problem anymore. Internet allows people to get connected in anywhere and anytime. As the information are decentralized, we have physical device to access something, eg: mobile phone and laptop. The homogenization of time and space does’t matter anymore. We are no longer bound to the physical space. The media used to be mass media, but it is currently jumping to a smaller market. For instance, instagram, facebook, pinterest and others. Media today is all the combination of all those small platform.

#3. Internet of things

Image URL: http://semanticweb.com/infographic-the-growing-internet-of-things_b21593

All the physical objects are connecting to internet and the objects are becoming tangible social actors. The social actors will tell us what to do. For example, when you are hungry u post at your twitter or facebook what should you eat, your friends will reply you with all sort of different answer that telling what you should eat. Internet of thing is a form of social connections that allow us understanding the identity. It is about how do people want to use their devices.

Image URL: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/internet-60-seconds_b10248

Within this one minute on the internet:

  • 168 million emails are sent
  • 695,000 status updates and 510,040 comments are published on Facebook
  • Google serves more that 694,445 search queries
  • 370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users
  • 20,000 new posts are published on Tumblr
  • 13,000+ hours of music streaming flows from Pandora
  • More than 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded
  • 6,600 images are published on Flickr
  • 600 videos (about 25 hours of content) are uploaded to YouTube

#4. The impact of things connected

The objects will have unique network address making each discrete object uniquely identifiable. The objects are able:-

  • Dynamically register changes to their environment.
  • Store and process that information, as well as independently initiate action (able to do things at their own).
  • Have a semantic interface for humans, for instance communicate and access network objects.
  • Remote accessibly.

Things today are no longer stand alone meaningless objects, they are having relationship with the peoples. In year 2008, more objects are connected to the internet than peoples and it is predicted that 50 billion objects will be connect to the internet by 2020.

Image URL: http://www.jplattel.nl/the-evolution-of-the-internet-of-things/


Raeney, P 2012, Most of world interconnected through email, social media, accessed 8/11/2012, http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/27/net-us-socialmedia-online-poll-idUSBRE82Q0C420120327


6 thoughts on “Why Things Matter

  1. If the world are still unconnected with Internet, I guess whenever we need certain documents from other places, we need purposely travel to the place and get it with us. But now with Internet, we can just send the file through e-mail. It is definitely save time and save money. Next on, I agree with your point of “the social actors will tell us what to do”. Sometime when we’re lost or feel like don’t know what next steps should be take, friends are definitely a good choice for you to share the problems. No one could live alone without family or friends.

  2. It’s true that things have relationships with people; everyday objects that we own today have the ability to communicate with us. A great example of this would be the iPhone 4S’ Siri, it is programmed to understand and respond to the human language. Not only does it execute commands such as sending a text to someone in your contacts list or playing a song on your iPod library, it also possesses basic communication skills that allow it to react to phrases such as “How are you?” In hindsight, this might further encourage our lack of interaction with actual human beings.

  3. Agree with you the world is interconnected. As long as we have data on our smart phones, there will be no problem for us to connect to the Internet. We even can Skype with friends not only at home with the Internet moderm but outside as well. I remember last time before the creation of smartphones, we can only use house phone to contact friends who are in the overseas. It is really costing a lot of money to call to other country. But today, we can save a lot of money by using free video calling either on laptop or smartphones. Even now there are one apps that available in smartphone call SimSimi. We can actually chat with the apps when we are bored. In today’s world, we can chat with anything we want as long as we are connected to the Internet.

  4. There are more things today connected to the Internet than ever before, and it is safe to say that more is to come. The potential of the Internet is still being explored, and to be honest, it is limitless. It is in fact true that objects are having relationships with people, interaction and communication, but is stronger than the relationships between people and people? What I have in mind is that, the more things we would have around us might distance us from our friends and family. For everything that has an advantage would surely have a disadvantage.

  5. It is true that internet is making connectivity so much easier. Connectivity between objects and the internet increasing really has an impact on us because it makes things much easier on us. Even now, we have things like dishwashers which can help us wash dishes, something so basic such as an everyday chore can be replaced with technology. Imagine the vast amount of other things that can be developed for the future. One thing is for sure, there will definitely be more smart homes in the future with smart objects lying around.

  6. The world is interconnected, that’s why we need internet. We live in an age where the internet is almost a necessity and to be away from it can be very hard. I have met lots of great people whom I would have never met if it wasn’t for the internet. But it is also important that we get away from our virtual worlds and spend time in the real world which is quite a challenge now.

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