Convergence Culture

Spend your few minutes to watch the video below. The video is very interesting and it shows a lot of fact that we might don’t know. It is all about the media in our daily life.

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This week, we gonna look into media convergence. What it is about? In the article of Henry Jenkins, he said that: “media convergence is more than simply a technological shift. Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences.” Convergence talks about technological, industrial, cultural and social changes.

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Familiar with the two phones above? Compare the traditional nokia phone with today’s iphone. There are so many differences that’s why the Henry Jerkin mentioned that our cell phones are not simply telecommunications devices. Besides calling and sending text messages, what else you use for your phone today?

#1: Facebook

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#2: Instagram

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#3: Whatsapp

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#4: Gaming

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#5: Photo editing

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In today society, phone is playing a very important role in our life. True? Besides for basic function for calling and text messaging, we used our phone to log in to all sort of social media, online chatting, play games, take photo, edit photo, video calls, e-mail and so much more. Smartphone today comes with many function that are so useful in our life, this is the reason why we call them as ‘Smart’ phone. In the old times, people use phone for calling and sending text messages but today we use phones for so many different purpose. This is  when media convergence happens. Convergence is more than a corporate branding opportunity; it represents a reconfiguration of media power and a reshaping of media aesthetics and economics (Jenkins, 2004). The power of media and technology reshape our society today.

According to the author, convergence represents an expanding opportunity for media conglomerates, since content that succeeds in one sector can expand its market reach across other platforms. I do agree with what the authors said, as convergence happens all the media will be joint together. For example news, in the old time news are only available in newspaper and then slowly bringing in to TV and radio. But what happen in the society today? We could read news online. Most of the media owner have their own news website such as The Star Online, Malaysia Kini, Sin Chew Daily and others. Those smart phone have different type of news application as well for both local and global news. According to Mallard (n.d.), convergence provide more efficient organization because the same reporter can write the story, read a version of it on television, discuss it on radio and publish it (along with the other components) on the Internet. Media convergence saves time and money. However, there are some drawback as well. The emerging of technology and internet provide many choices for the customers, therefore customer loyalty is one of the consideration. As there are many choices available, consumers will switch their choice easily therefore all the organization have put more effort in this competing society. There are always advantage and disadvantage in everything, its base on how we perceive it.

” Thanks to the proliferation of channels and the portability of

new computing and telecommunications technologies,

we are entering an era where media will be everywhere and

we will use all kinds of media in relation to

each other.” – Henry Jerkins (2004)


Mallard, D n.d., Reasons for Media Convergence, accessed 21/9/2012,

Jenkins, H 2004, The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol.71, no.1, pp33-43.


3 thoughts on “Convergence Culture

  1. It is true what you mentioned about everything having an advantage as well as disadvantage. I think another disadvantage here can also be the fact that media ownership can be cluttered, and it becomes a blur as to who owns what, as Mr. Faizal’s lecture mentioned. For instance, a website that allows uploading of any form of text documents for sharing. The text document is produced by a user, but because it is uploaded on the website, it therefore belongs to the website due to agreement of terms and conditions in order to utilize the website. In which case, who is the rightful owner to the document then? Hence, the issue of ownership.

  2. The image present gives a good concept of the differences between the old mobile phone and new mobile phone. Indeed there are advantages and disadvantages to the convergence of media. Everyone wants to be part of the media being present in the smartphone devices. As the picture Instagram application, no longer we need cameras to capture picture and upload to the internet through desktop. The application already gives us the chance to post and comment on the spot. It does changes our life dramatically, no longer only depends on certain media to gain access to information or items. Best part we can even use the devices in anywhere when we are bored because of its multiple functions. =]

  3. It is undeniable that with today’s technology, gadgets are constantly remodelling itself to a higher level of sophistication. However, competition is happening in every industry. Without competition, the economics stay static. What I am trying to point out, is that, competition is a healthy substance that is required for companies to work better and produce more effective products in terms of cost and efficacy for the benefit of the consumers.

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