We are surrounded and fascinated by media today, aren’t we?

Media have become such an integrated part of our lives that most of the time we are not even aware we are using media. It’s like blending ourselves in the media world and we did not aware that we are actually using them in our daily activity. Undeniable, media had become the biggest part of our lives. Agree with it?

Let’s just spell out the things you do daily and see how much of them are related to media. By then, you will know the answer.

You get up in the morning to the sound of the phone-alarm, get yourself prepare and off to college. Get in your car, turn on the “radio” and drive all the way to college. While on the way to college, you drive through highway and saw many “billboard” along the highway. When you reach college earlier, take out your phone and browse through some “social media website” – “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram” and so on.  You might receive messages as well and you reply them via “Whatsapp”, “Line”, “Messanger” etc. “Textbook” was taken out when class started. Drive all the way back home again after class dismiss, “radio” is on and “billboard” appearing along the highway again. When you reach home, you turn on your laptop for several purposes. Log in to the “social media website” again, or you might relax yourself by listening song in the “Youtube” or watch some “online drama / movie”. After your relaxation time, you have to do some assignment. “Google” as your best friend while doing assignment, you can search anything you want to aid you in the assignment progress. At the same time, you might chatting with your friends through the social media again. There goes the end of the day, see how many media you used in your daily life. 

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Did you realize how many type of media you used everyday? All of those activities are expressed in the way we use, co-create, and give meaning to media in our everyday lives (Deuze, 2006). The centrality of using and making media in everyday life reveals our endless fascination with media. No one is ‘outside’ anymore, whether by choice or necessity. This showed that media have become central to our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. Media is like a mirror of the society which reflects each and everything about the society to us.

Peoples today choose and filter the media they want and they do not want to use and see. For instance the example i mentioned above, people today are more on social networking compare to the traditional media. Especially the Y generation, they spent most of their time on new media.  They look for job, shopping, spend their leisure time and others on internet. This is why lead to the rapid growth of internet.

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The chart above showed that 92 percent of employers and recruiters already use or plan to use social networks to find job candidates this year. As we could see, business today have slowly shift to new media form where people find job through internet instead of newspaper and other traditional media. Besides, there are more interactive advertising as well due to society are more into the internet today. Wasserman (2012) revealed that U.S. online advertising as revenues topped $31 billion, a 22% jump over 2010 and a new record, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Add on, online shopping is increasing year by year as well. Internet provide a huge marketplace for the society. Ritchie (2012) mentioned that according to a survey by Belgium-based InSites Consulting, about 61 percent of U.S. companies listen to what consumers say about them on social network sites. Company today rely much on social network sites as the usage on it is growing non stop. Ritchie (2012) add on with the point of social media usage in general was high, with 80 percent of U.S. firms using Facebook. The numbers were 48 percent for LinkedIn, 45 percent for Twitter and 31 percent for YouTube.

Media are playing an important role in our life since their existence but the society now are shifting to new media world, where most of the things they do is related to new media. Will the traditional media extinct in the future?


Deuze, M 2006, Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, and Media Work, accessed 8/9/2012,

Ritchie, J 2012, Most U.S. companies listen to customers on social network sites, accessed 8/9/2012,

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5 thoughts on “US vs MEDIA WORLD

  1. I agree on your statement that we are fascinated with media. For instance, when Facebook was created, everyone was fascinated with how it works as compared to Friendster back then. And that fascination leads us into creating an account on Facebook as we can see that Facebook offers more information and social activities as to Friendster. Another statement that I agree on is that, no one is ‘outside’ anymore. Everyone wants to be update with new information and gadgets and just by downloading some application and they can be update via iPhone, Android and iPad.

  2. Thumbs up for the examples on how you link our daily activity with social networking. I guess almost 80% of people doing the exactly same thing like what you mentioned. For me, I did not read newspaper after I came KL for study. The reason for me not to read newspaper because of lazy and I dislike the feeling of touching newspaper. I prefer read online news or get myself update through friends share out latest news at Facebook or Twitter.

  3. The amount of media we have today is crazy. You have mentioned a few of it in your post. The word “few” here that I’ve mentioned shows that we are overloaded with media today. It is almost hard enough to keep up with it. I think one of the reason that we are keeping up with the technology today is because it is easier to obtain information or can I say that we receive news almost instantly. Acknowledging a news from a newspaper the next day is almost like reading a stale news. This is because most of us already know what was the news about since yesterday. The power of media technology today is fascinating.

  4. Great, you have given us a better understanding about technology of media world. Nowadays, peoples are paying more attention towards internet media than printed media. This is good because printed media is not environmental- friendly.

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