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In the article of Dyson et. al (1994), they mentioned that the introduction of new technology and new products creates the potential for dynamic competition between and among technologies and industries. In the old times, the only way for peoples to read news is through newspaper. But in the society today, there are varieties of ways for us to know about the latest news. For instance, broadcast radio and TV news, online news, phone application news, traditional newspaper and so on. According to Salwen, Garrison and Driscoll (2005), most of the television and radio stations, magazines, newspapers and all sort of publication have a presence online due to millions of web users read news on the Internet everyday (as cited in Dimitrova & Neznanski 2006).  As we could see, the news industry in society today is very competitive, each seeking to find the best way of serving customers’ needs. All the organizations are facing dilemma as well due to more people consume news online nowadays. Grabowicz (2012) revealed that organizations facing difficulties in reallocating resources to attract new readers and viewers while they are still trying to hold on to their existing, and usually aging, print or broadcast audiences.

According to Dyson et. al (1994) as well, “cyberspace can be one of the main forms of glue holding together an increasingly free and diverse society”. This is truly applicable to teenagers in today society. Social media today provides us an opportunity to keep closer with our friends and family. Besides, smartphones come with many different applications for us to chat as well such as whatsapp, line, wechat and others. All these social media and applications allow us to keep in touch with peoples all the time. Besides, it enables us to chat with our overseas friends and family as well. Dyson et. al (1994) also discussed that the creation of “electronic neighbourhoods” bound together not by geography but by shared interests. People get together not by staying near to each other but with their common interest. For instance, those who like online gaming are able to know many people from all over the world when they are playing certain games. In cyberspace, we able to know many unknown people from all over the world by having the shared interest.

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8 thoughts on “C-Y-B-E-R-S-P-A-C-E

  1. I definitely agree with your point on electronic neighbourhoods, for example, take Pinterest. It is an entire virtual community build upon shared interests, where people are able to connect with, and follow other pinners with similar likeness to themselves regardless of geographical distance. The idea of electronic neighbourhoods is not only a functional concept but also a great tool for building social ties among people with similar concerns to trade ideas and insights on topics of interest.

  2. And yea, there are many varieties way for us to get latest news. But for me, I still prefer reading news which shared by people through Facebook. This is because I am those kind of people which do not read newspaper. I like the words of Dyson which is “cyberspace can be one of the main forms of glue holding together an increasingly free and diverse society”. For instance, for those couples who is in long distance relationship, they still able to keep contact with each other through Skype, whatsapp and etc. This is better than those old method like posting letter and do overseas phone calling.

  3. Well I totally agree with what you said, people nowadays have no longer appreciating the main stream media such as newspaper. Well Im not sure you have encounter this before but apparently people at this era prefer to get their news or information from social network (even though it might be false) but it has become a habit to them. For an example, there’s once when my friend told me the price for petrol increasing and I asked how did he knew about it and he told me he saw on facebook = = I mean from then i started to realize that is true because people always saw news on facebook and they spread the news to others even though it might not be legit. I think the core reason for this kind of action is because of censorship i guess =/ people prefer to use Internet technologies because it’s free and it has no limitation however this might lead to some false information. Another point you made is that Internet technologies help to bring a relationship closer for an example long distance relationship, well it think is true but it has become a habit and people intend to be more closer virtually than “physically” what I mean by that is when A go out with B, B with always play with his phone or talking to C by using some communication apps and eventually ignores A but when B go out with C, B will do the same to A and intend to ignores C. Well you see, people know how convenient it can be when comes to communication with the helps of internet technology but because they are too relying on it and often using it even though is unnecessary, it will turns into a habit and eventually they will prefer to communicate by using hand held devices rather than face to face communication (:

  4. I would not say that I do not agree that people are consuming much more e-news today compared to the printed ones. But in my opinion, sometimes the printed newspapers have more information regarding the issue or the news compared to the e-news. Nevertheless, of course with the power of the internet, we could actually use the power of it to search more information about the news we want to know more. But as for books like novels, magazines; I would prefer buying the printed ones instead of purchasing it online. I think the market for printed books are still there compared to newspapers.

  5. I am agree with this statement “cyberspace can be one of the main forms of glue holding together an increasingly free and diverse society”. In this society, communication is very important. They are to

  6. I am disagree with this statement “cyberspace can be one of the main forms of glue holding together an increasingly free and diverse society”. I can’t deny, communication is very important, but peoples are too rely on website or telecommunication to communicate with each other. I have seen many cases that peoples were texting each other even they are in few step distance.

  7. Agree with Chinnie90’s comments, the longevity of written media is much more than the electronic ones. It is the written media which has made history recordable and accurate. The age of an old manuscript found while digging a historical site gives information about the era in which it was written, which is not possible with electronic media. However, it is possible for electronic media to overtake the printed media since the technology is improving the cultural is changing rapidly nowadays.

  8. I agree with the statement “cyberspace can be one of the main forms of glue holding together an increasingly free and diverse society”. Communication is very important especially In todays society. Our lifestyles have changed; from the way we communicate, the way we shop, to the way we conduct businesses. The progress of technology has truly transformed our means communication and has ‘flattened’ the world, or in this case, improved communication over long distances. And since bounderies are being severed thanks to the Internet and cyberspace, you could say that yor society is increasingly free and diverse. – Comment by Ram Peow Loong Naidu

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