Afterword: Why Networks Matter

This is the first time for me to use WordPress and the first post for my DIGC 202 subject – Global Networks. To be frank, I don’t really know what it is about when i enroll for this subject. After reading Castells’s article, I started to get some idea about it. Network is playing a very important role in our current daily life. Few questions before you continue reading this. Could you survive without the existence of network? How would your life be without network? For me, i think my life would be very dull without this very important stuff – “network”. I used to surf internet everyday, logging in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep myself updated all the time. Network do playing an important role for my life.

Castells (2004) did mention about the network society expands on a global scale. That’s true, no doubt. Today, we could know what’s happening around the world by just one click. For example like Olympic 2012 Dato Lee Chong Wei’s badminton match, I could see my friends updating about this on Twitter and Facebook. They are like live reporters to announce the latest result to everyone. For those who couldn’t watch the live match like me, can update through all these social media. Talk about the Olympic 2012 again, I missed out the opening and closing ceremony of it. By searching through youtube, I’m able to watch it online. Everything is just one click away, easy and efficient.

Does networks really matter in our lives? According to Castells (2004), networks matter because they are the underlying structure of our lives. Yes, it’s true. Surfing the internet had already become a habit in our lives, especially teenagers. Everything for them is about online such as online gaming, online chatting, online shopping and so on. Network is like a multipurpose space for us to do anything we want and we like. Isn’t it powerful?


Castells, M 2004, ‘Afterword: why networks matter’, pp.221-225, accessed 1/8/2012,


3 thoughts on “Afterword: Why Networks Matter

  1. First of all, I would like to say that I like the way you customize your blog. It gives me feel so sweet when read on it 😛

    I totally agree with you on the sentences of “i think my life would be very dull without this very important stuff – “network”. And yea, I believe not much people can stand with the life without network as network is like an oxygen for us 😛 For me, I am just lazy as you because I just know everything based on what friends posted at Facebook or Twitter about the Olympics thing.

  2. Indeed! I might not survive without the existence of network! Even I have a lot of assignments or tests coming soon, I will still spend few hours just to check on my facebook, youtube or other websites. It is one of my entertainment in my daily life. Like what you did, I just check on Facebook everyday and I can know a lot of news that just happened. 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s true. Network is playing a very important role in our current daily life. That’s why networks are everywhere. Besides, Facebook and Instagram are my favourite apps too. =)

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